Should I Put My Dog in a Kennel or Hire a House Sitter?

Whether you’re getting ready for a family vacation or need to go on an extended business trip, leaving your furry friend behind can be a stressful experience. After all, you have some important decisions to make. Should you put your dog in a kennel, or should you hire a house sitter to look after your dog?

At first, you might be tempted to hire a house sitter to look after your dog. The reasoning might appeal to you at first: you think your dog will be able to get more attention, and you can be sure that someone is always around to look after your dog.

However, don’t be so quick to pick up the phone and hire your neighbor’s teen. Hiring a house sitter might be one of the worst choices you can make for your dog, and for the following reasons:

  • It goes without saying that your house sitter won’t be around your dog 24/7. That’s exactly where you’ll get into trouble. When your dog becomes bored and/or lonely, he or she will be more likely to tear up your house. This is a sign of loneliness and frustration, as your dog needs plenty of social stimulation in order to be happy.
  • Similarly, a house sitter isn’t exactly the most qualified person to take care of your dog should an emergency occur. For example, let’s say that your dog stops eating because he or she misses you. How will your house sitter handle that situation? Don’t forget what might happen if your dog gets sick and your house sitter isn’t there, or if your dog has a medical emergency your house sitter can’t handle.
  • Don’t forget that your dog might try to escape while out for a walk with your house sitter. What happens if your house sitter can’t catch your dog?
  • Finally, there’s the chance that your dog might get aggressive with your house sitter.

As you can see, there are multiple scenarios in which a house sitter won’t be able to provide your dog with the care and attention he or she needs. That’s why it’s vital for dog owners to leave their furry friends with a highly qualified dog kennel service like Country Home Kennels. With 24/7 care, high-quality raw diets, and highly trained kennel staff, your pooch will be treated like a king!

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